Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 4, Nama 3

pp.9-10 Editorial criticising Hōne Heke's actions against the flag at Pēwhairangi [Bay of Islands]. Recalls the reason Pakeha migrated to New Zealand was in response to correspondence from Ngā Puhi to King William requesting intervention.
Review of the response from the Governor to Hōne Heke's actions at Kororāreka [Russell] with a response from some Ngā Puhi leaders at Waimate.
Report of an account that Hōne Heke cut down the flagpole at night. Review of the process that brought Hobson to New Zealand as Governor, noting that the purpose of the flag was to protect the people and the land from the French, Americans, or any other country; disputes that the British flag enslaves Maori, and that land has been taken unscrupulously from Ngā Puhi; discusses the example of Tahiti invaded by the French because [Queen] Pōmare did not accept the protection of the British flag.
pp.10-12 Letter from Queen Pōmare to King Louis of France
Publication of the correspondence from Queen Pōmare Vahine IV of Tahiti to Louis-Philippe, King of France, discussing the actions of named individuals in Tahiti since 1839, Joseph Laplace a.k.a. Ho Moko and others; complaint against the judgements made by Dupetit-Thouars; discussion about the disapproval of the presence of particular missionaries [Catholic], the threats from Admiral Dupetit-Thouars, the arrival and wrecking of the Artemise, the aid offered by the Tahitian people, and the treatment of the Queen and her people by the French.
p.12 Proclamation against the plunder by Parihoro and Koukou at Matakana.