Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 1, Nama 10

[p.1] Almanac
Notice giving publication and subscription details.
To the readers of Te Haeata
Requests readers to pay subscriptions so that the printer can be paid.
Includes a whakataukī [proverb].
pp.1-2 The outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon overseas churches
News, principally from Ireland, of the work of the Holy Spirit. Example of a woman's powerful effect for good in the land; common elements in the experiences of those affected by the Holy Spirit; response of Catholic priests to occurrences.
This is a story about the bringing of the Gospel to New Zealand by [Samuel] Marsden
Concerns Marsden, his training and ordination as a minister of the Church of England, chaplaincy at the convict settlement in Poihākene [Poihākena: Sydney, Australia], acquaintance with Maori, particularly the Ngā Puhi chief, Ruatara, and the difficulties of establishing a mission station in New Zealand.
pp.2-3 Peter or Jesus Christ?
Discusses whether Peter or Christ is the `rock' of Christianity. Refutes Catholic idea that it is Peter.
Includes scriptural quotations.
The man who overcame his neighbours
Continuing story of Himeona Kirini and his neighbours [Vol. 1, 9:3-4].
pp.3-4 The Church after Christ
Discusses the beginning of Christians meeting together in church buildings, the days they met, and the thoughts of Justin [Justin Martyr].
Regulations for collecting [money]
News of regulations adopted by West Indian Negroes for the collecting of money for spreading the Gospel. Exhorts giving.
A sung prayer for food
Four lines composed by L.M.
Giving thanks for food
Two verses of four lines each, composed by L.M.
Letter from Hoa Whakapono [Faithful Friend]
Praises the newspaper for its religious instruction to Maori but suggests that there should also be formal lessons published, such as those taught in schools.
Arithmetic: A figure-book
Two arithmetic lessons.
Letter from Tāmati Ngāpora, Māngere
Reports the completion of a new stone church.
A flour-grinder
Advertisement for a skilled flour-grinder.