Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 2, Nama 11

[p.1] Almanac
Notice giving publication and subscription details.
The fighting in Taranaki
Reports news from a Major General [T.S. Pratt?] of an attack upon Maori by [British] soldiers. Cites casualty figures for both sides. Includes the names and tribal affiliations of 18 Maori whose bodies were identified.
Warns Maori that the Queen's authority cannot be crushed.
pp.1-2 The first love
Regrets that Maori seem to have lost their first love for the Queen, the Governor and other Pakeha. Reassures Maori that Pakeha and the Queen have not changed their regard for them. Promotes the Maori leader, Te Heuheu, as an example to follow.
Includes two waiata [songs] and two whakataukī [proverbs].
Reports peace being made in China after the breaking of a treaty with France and England.
Letter from Hōhepa Ōtene
Reports a meeting held on Christmas Day at which Maori expressed their affection for Pakeha and affirmed support for the spreading of the Gospel. Records names of the 14 chiefs who gave speeches.
pp.2-3 Unusual prayer
Discusses the way prayer is carried out in the Roman Catholic Church. Highlights several perceived faults.
Includes scriptural quotations.
Coming events
Discusses spiritual aspects of death and physical resurrection on Christ's judgement day.
Your later [error] is worse than your earlier error
Warns that some fall away from the faith and return to worldly activities, and that this error is seen to be worse than those committed before belief in Christ. Also warns that those who think they have reached a high level of importance may fall.
Includes scriptural quotations.
pp.3-4 The inner room
Urges believers to find a secluded room where they may regularly pray to God with no distractions, said to greatly anger Satan.
Our example
Promotes Christ as the example for people to follow.
The Ark of the Covenant
Describes the Ark of the Covenant and discusses its significance for the Israelites.
Includes scriptural quotations.
Compares temptation to an enemy surrounding a fortified village. Warns readers not to entice Satan with wrongful thoughts.