Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 2, Nama 1

[p.1] Almanac
Notice giving publication and subscription details.
Notice that subscriptions are due.
Includes a proverb, and image of a young child who needs feeding.
News from Taranaki
Reports the arrival of the Governor and his soldiers at Taranaki to deal with Wiremu Kīngi's obstruction of the sale of land at Waitara by Te Teira to the Government.
Criticises Kīngi's actions, and maintains that the Governor is there to protect the land surveyors, not to wage war.
pp.1-2 The Church after Christ
Chapter 6
The period 400 A.D.
Discusses religious movements which practised segregation and the spread of Christianity in the fifth century A.D.
pp.2-3 A fund-raising committee at Kaiapoi, from Ngāi Te Rangi
From Poihipi Te Aorāhui
Reports a Maori church committee meeting held at Kaiapoi to discuss the providing of Maori land and funding for a [CMS] school and church.
Records speeches from Pakeha such as Bishop Harper and James Stack, and Maori such as Hakopa Te Ata-o-Tū and Īhāia Taihewa. Refers to arrangements made for the land to be given and milling of timber.
A gathering at Ngāmotu
From Kipa Ngāmoke.
Reports a Christmas meeting of Maori leaders and their people at Ngāmotu [Taranaki]. Refers to the presence of Rev. Whiteley and to money collected for spread of Gospel.
Comment on the seemingly small sum of money collected at the aforementioned meeting. Fighting suggested as cause of apparent poverty. Warns of God's anger if money is not collected.
pp.3-4 Letter from Karepa Kerei, Māhoetahi, Taranaki
Reports the deaths of his children, wife and brother from various ailments.
Includes a waiata tangi [lament].
Read the newspapers
From Hoa Aroha [Loving Friend]
Urges Maori readers to preserve their copies of Te Haeata by binding them like a book for the benefit of future generations.
A Biblical parable
John 10:4,5
Comment on the Parable of the Sheepfold.