Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 2, Nama 2

[p.1] Almanac
Notice giving publication and subscription details.
pp.1-2 The wrong in Taranaki
Cites and discusses a letter written by Wī Tako Ngātata to named Waikato leaders assessing the situation in Taranaki. Finds fault with Wiremu Kīngi and urges Waikato people not to become involved in the conflict. Supports the letter's sentiments and questions how adherence to faith, love and law [precepts of the King movement] could be compatible with joining Taranaki in war.
Includes scriptural quotations.
An assembly in Wellington
Reports a gathering of Maori and Pakeha held in response to the Taranaki War.
Names Maori speakers, such as Tamihana Te Rauparaha and Hoani Te Ōkoro, and cites portions of their speeches which express a desire for peace with Pakeha and show allegiance to the Queen of England.
pp.2-3 Argues that Maori have two mistaken beliefs: that the Queen and Pakeha overseas want to take all Maori land; that the Governor and Pakeha want Maori to completely disappear.
Practices which ennoble children
Discusses Maori sleeping and housing arrangements with particular concern for promiscuous behaviour amongst young people. Warns of God's wrath and further population diminution if these practices are not changed.
p.4 The man who overcame his friends
Final part of the story of Himeona Kirini and his neighbours [continued from Vol.1, 12:3-4]. Kirini wins over his neighbours [with kindness].
Includes scriptural quotation.
The Church after Christ
Chapter 7
Decline in the growth of the Church
Examines three ways in which the early Church diverged from original teachings and practices.
Includes scriptural quotation.