Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 2, Nama 5

[p.1] Almanac
Notice giving publication and subscription details.
pp.1-2 The meeting of Maori with the Governor
Reports a conference at Kohimarama called by the Governor.
Lists the names of tribes and their chiefs who attended. Approves the speeches there for supporting one law for Maori and Pakeha.
Discusses issues raised at the conference including the sale of guns and alcohol, and land ownership.
The work of the Holy Spirit overseas
Reports the coming of the Holy Spirit to Scotland and the Shetland, Orkney and other islands.
pp.2-3 The work of the Holy Spirit at a children's school
Reports the coming of the Holy Spirit to a child in Ireland and the subsequent spread to other children and numerous adults. Expresses the hope that this might happen amongst children in New Zealand.
People from whom the Scriptures came
Discusses the people of Israel with reference to the books of Exodus, Ruth and Judges.
Lists those who ill-treated the Israelites and those who rescued them.
Includes scriptural references,
Don't quench the Spirit
Compares the Holy Spirit to a fire. Encourages readers to foster the Holy Spirit in their communities and warns of the consequences of not doing so.
Includes scriptural reference, Isaiah 63:10.
pp.3-4 A parable
Story about a king and a blacksmith which warns readers to curb their sinful ways.
The church after Christ
Discusses the Church in the fourth century A.D. focusing on Athanasius, Ambrose, and Augustin, and the rise of Mahomet [Muhammad], said to be God's punishment of the early Christian church.
Includes scriptural quotation.
The death of Apoharama at Patumāhoe
Obituary for Apoharama; refers to his living peacefully and being respected by local Pakeha. Challenges the youths of Apoharama's tribe to follow his example.
A topic for consideration
Advises readers to seek forgiveness for sins and to live a good life by making sure the tongue and heart always act together. Warns against following the crowd.