Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 3, Nama 1

[p.1] Almanac
Notice giving publication and subscription details.
The war in Taranaki
Reports peace talks and a cease-fire in Taranaki.
Includes a whakataukī [saying] expressing the sentiment of hope.
pp.1-2 The Governor's journey to Taranaki
News of the Governor travelling to Taranaki, accompanied by several named government agents and Maori leaders, with the aim of establishing peace.
To the Maori people
Letter from Aroha Pono [True Love]
Discusses the peace talks in Taranaki and hopes for success.
Recommends the Governor establish councils and united systems of justice and authority for Maori and Pakeha, as a way to avoid conflict in future.
Includes a whakataukī [proverb] emphasising these sentiments.
pp.2-3 Co-ordination of the Churches at Kaiapoi
Reports a meeting at Kaiapoi between James Buller, James Stack and Maori from Kaiapoi, Rāpaki and Port Levy. Covers plans to set aside some Maori Reserve land for the establishment of a Wesleyan mission station and ways in which the Wesleyan Church and Church of England might co-operate together. Also concerns the signing of a petition to build a hostel in Christchurch.
Item said to have been published in the newspaper Manuhiri Tuarangi.
Includes scriptural quotations.
Kings of Israel
1. Saul
Discusses Saul based on 1 Samuel.
Includes scriptural quotations.
Wrongdoing, an activity easily reproduced
A warning about activities such as envy, lying and stealing.
p.4 The Bible is amazing
Discusses the Bible as literature divinely inspired by God through the Holy Spirit.
Comments that although written by many people at different times and places, and using several genres, their purposes and messages were the same.
Be single-hearted
Urges total commitment to Christ rather than combining Christianity with belief in other gods, as did the people of Rome. The point is emphasised using several illustrations.
Manuhiri Tuarangi and Te Karere Maori
Welcomes the [government-sponsored] newspaper, Manuhiri Tuarangi, and pays tribute to its predecessor, Te Karere Maori.
Advice not to dismiss those who utter few words as being shallow-minded, for still waters may have deep undercurrents.
Advice that just living without activity is not enough for salvation.
Death of Kātipa Te Awarahi
Notice about the death of Kātipa Te Awarahi, a chief of Ngāti Te Ata.
Let peace be made
Hymn [in Maori] of five verses asking God to bring peace between Maori and Pakeha at Taranaki.
Yeast improves bread
Recipe for baking bread with yeast.
From Rev. R. Laishley [Congregational Church minister], Onehunga.
Offers payment for kiwi birds, dead or alive, and kiwi eggs.