Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 3, Nama 3

[p.1] Almanac
Notice giving publication and subscription details.
pp.1-2 The evils of war
By Rongomau [John Whiteley?]
Discusses negative aspects of war. Covers destruction of the landscape, waste of resources and contravention of God's Word, from which will come judgement.
pp.2-3 Lands and peoples of ancient times
1. Egypt
Description of Egypt including its size, climate, waterways, and leaders of the past.
People from whom the Scriptures came
The deeds of Ezra and Nehemiah
Discusses Ezra's leading of the second group of Jews from Babylon to Jerusalem and Nehemiah's rebuilding of Jerusalem's walls and his governorship of the city. Also discusses the prophet Malachi. Refers to the writings of these men in the Old Testament.
Includes scriptural references and quotations.
pp.3-4 He allowed no one to oppress them; he rebuked kings on their account, saying, `Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm.' - Psalms 105:14,15
Argues against persecuting God's people, especially prophets and anointed ones, and warns that future generations might suffer the consequences of such activities.
Quotes from Psalms 105:14, 15 and Luke 11:50.
What will make the nation grow nobly?
Advises Maori to emulate the faith and lifestyle of Pakeha. Cites Adam, Christ and Peter, the Emperor of Russia, as suitable examples to follow.
The assembly at Ngāruawāhia
Reports a meeting held between Waikato and Ngāti Maniapoto people, and [Wiremu Kīngi] Te Rangitāke. Lists four topics of discussion, one of which, the expulsion of missionaries, is of particular concern to the writer, as is rumour of the revival of tattooing.