Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 1, Nama 1

[Unless otherwise stated items are in Maori and in English.]
Masthead followed by quote from Lord Collingwood.
[p.3] Editorial addressing the establishment of the newspaper. Names tribes responding to the call for the establishment of a newspaper. Includes a haka [posture dance].
p.5 The printing press
History of the printing press and its influence. States that the purpose of the Aotearoa printing press is to be `a medium of communicating instruction, and will tend to enlighten the Native people of New Zealand'.
p.7 The chief Matutaera Pōtatau [Te Tapuke]
Profile [translated from the English] of the succeeding Waikato leader.
p.9 The newspapers
Comment regarding unethical practices of newspaper companies.
p.13 Money
Criticism of the worship of money and riches, over wisdom and understanding.
p.15 War
Criticism against the act of warfare in that `it is the outbreak of ungovernable passion'. Suggests that only in the new millennium will there be peace.
p.17 The late chief Hōri Pōkai
Obituary for Hōri Kīngi Pōkai Te Ruinga of Ngāti Pāoa, Waikato and Ngāti Maru.
p.21 Correspondence
From Horopeta
Addressed to the chiefs of Auckland, an appeal for payment for damage done to his vessel.
From Tomairangi Papahia, Hokianga
Addressed to the Maori chiefs of New Zealand, the European chiefs, Mr Beckham, and McLean. Metaphoric reference to the unrest in the country.
Supports the principal purpose of the newspaper.
Requests that peace and kindness prevail.
From Hāre Rēweti [Charles Davis], Auckland
Salutes his Maori friends and advises that his future correspondence will be sent through the newspaper.
p.22 A fragment of an ancient Maori lament
Translated tangi [lament] with annotations.
p.24 Sundry items of intelligence
11 short extracts of news from around the country concerning, for example, Taranaki, war, land sales, electoral representatives and Governor Gore-Browne. Contains quotes about character.
[p.25] Extracts on the Taranaki question: the Maori war
Extracts of an article and letter from the Southern Cross discussing a statement made by Wī Tako regarding the actions of Wiremu Kīngi.
[p.26] A lament
Untranslated tangi [lament].
A song of compassion
Untranslated waiata aroha [song of compassion].