Pukapuka 1, Nama 1

whārangi 5  (25 ngā whārangi)
titiro ki te whārangi o mua4
6titiro ki te whārangi o muri

Tirohia ngā kupu whakataki o tēnei niupepa


The Native people have already possessed themselves of property for the

benefit of the body, —mills, ships, ploughs, carts, horses, horned cattle and

sheep; and now, in the year 1860 a Printing Press has been obtained for the

benefit of the mind.

If stranger tribes should inquire, " Whose money procured this great thing

—this revealer of right and wrong, of truth and error ? "—the writers of

this paper now inform them, that the cash was raised by the Native people, —

by the child and by the aged, by women and men, by chiefs and slaves.

It was arranged that the Maori Printing Office should be in Auckland, for

here is the fountain whence the streams in numerous branches flow on; more--

over, hither most of the Native tribes are wont to resort.

If this happened to be the more youthful period of the life of him who

has been selected to take charge of the Printing Establishment of the Maori,

—if the " earthly tabernacle " were indeed hale, —then there would be should-

ers upon which these most onerous duties might be placed [ with comparative

ease. J The arrangements proposed to he carried out, however, will be

attended to, and in due time the trust will be resigned into other hands.

Sufficient has been accomplished ( by the writer ] in drawing hither the

machinery from lands beyond the great sea; his eye now gazes upon the

object which all the tribes hoped to see, and his heart yearns within hira

while it says " Yes; it is done !" The heartfelt happiness which he, —who

cherished the idea of beholding the necessary material to carry out the

project—feels in the realization of his wishes, is an abundant compensation,

and the only compensation he values, for now is [_ according to the Maori


" Drawn hither,

The Canoe; [ that is, the Printing Press. ]

To the pillow, [i. e. resting place]

The Canoe;

To the couch, [ its second but more permanent place of rest ]

The Canoe;

To the landing where the Canoe shall lie. " [_ i. e. its final and fixed place. ]



I mua ai, i nga ra o Huria Hiha, i te tau 54 B. c. a muri

noa mai, i noho kuare o matou tupuna i Ingarangi; karakia

ai ki te atua kikokiko; kakahu ai i te huru kararehe;

pani ai te kiri ki te ngarahu. Kahore he Perehi o aua ra.

Engari, no te tau 1440, i muri mai i a te Karaiti to tatou

Ariki aroha, ka kitea te mahi ta pukapuka e Hoani Kute-

nepeke, no Teamani, i nga ra o te Eparatanga o PERERIKA

III., i te Kingitanga hoki o HENARE VI., o Ingarangi.