Pukapuka 1, Nama 2

whārangi 16  (32 ngā whārangi)
titiro ki te whārangi o mua15
17titiro ki te whārangi o muri

Tirohia ngā kupu whakataki o tēnei niupepa

16 THE

A new system of Government is being introduced among the Maori to the no small

satisfaction of the Mends of order.

The Provincial Council ia to meet this month, for the dispatch of business.

The Native Office eo long and loudly complained of has been Very wisely allowed to

die out.

As Teira has admitted that the land at Waitara he sold to the Government belonged

to W. King and others, should not the whole of his lands be at once confiscated ?

It is, we understand, the intention, of Government to allow the Natives, under cer-

tain restrictions, to lease and sell their lands to the settlers.

The cost of the late war and its attendant expenses is estimated at £800, 000.


A noon-day prayer-meeting on Mondays and Thursdays is held in the Rooms of the

Young Men's Christian Association; also a prayer-meeting on the second Friday of

every month at 8 o'clock p. m.


A very superior building is being erected in Queen Street adjoining the New Zea-

land Bank as an Auction Mart for MB. S. Jones, the upper floor of which will be

used as a public Assembly Room.

The Provincial Authorities are bestowing a considerable amount of labor on the sew-

erage of the city.

Henderson & Macfarlane are erecting a fine brick structure near the wharf, which

will add materially to the improvements in Queen-street.

Our correspondence will show that the benevolent of our city are seriously

contemplating as to whether the time has not fully come for the establishment of an




They wake ia Eden, where the bowers They wake on Ararat's dark steep,

Were twined by angel hands; That wore its funeral shroud

Where first the viper nipped the flowers When high above that mournful deep,

That graced those spotless lands. The how lit up the cloud.

The wake in Nineveh's proud halls, They wake in Egypt's marble urns,

Where art maintain'd her sway, Enshrined in rich perfume;

Till time displaced her sculptured walk, Where priest and artist vied by turns

And bore her sons away. To grace the kingly tomb.

They wake where He awoke—whose call

Shall rend the earth and skies; —

Then, —starting from his nightly pall,

Each sleeper shall arise.