Pukapuka 1, Nama 2

whārangi 4  (32 ngā whārangi)
titiro ki te whārangi o mua3
5titiro ki te whārangi o muri

Tirohia ngā kupu whakataki o tēnei niupepa


2. Peter and John went to the temple; that lame one was there. The

lame one was anxious to obtain money. This is the wish of other men also,

and their tribes, to have money. But Peter said, to him, " I have neither

silver or gold, but I give unto you the words of Jesus Christ, Arise —walk"

The lame one sprang to his feet, and stood up among those who were

whole, and walked into the temple. Now the revealer of this thing money is

Paul, whose word was sent to Timothy saying, " The love of money is the

root of all evil. "

3. It was the strength of Christ that first made him whole. Here is the

proof, " Jesus Christ is exalted as a Prince and a Saviour. " There is no

mystery in the Scriptures regarding the incarnation of Jesus Christ, and the

cause of his mission to earth.. All the books of Scripture are very clear on

this matter, and they all agree, so that it seems like one page. When he

died, death had no power to retain Him. Death tried very hard to bind him

with its cords, but He could not be held. He went down into the earth, but

after three days he came up to the light of the world, and went to the right

hand of the Father, where He is now seated.

- Let us ever look up to Jesus Christ the Saviour. Let the words for our

instruction end here.



Nought but the spreading leaves

Of Rongotau's and Pani's progeny

Seem pleasing now, - like honored guests

Treasures held in high repute my sons,

By your aged mothers.

Now distant from us; who may tell the distance ?

I retched you from Hawaiki;

Where ye were created infants, ani anon

Ye grew to manhood;

Thy fathers now that ye are gone

Will move the winds that play in death's dark chambers

And the ill omens will be seen again

And weariness and faintness will o'ertake the tribe,

Ye were favored with baptismal rights

Of Tutorohakina and Tutenganahau

That ye might in battle fields, my sons.

Ward off the wielded weapon,

And ward off that dread that scares at. times the brave.

Mighty ye were in fight, greedy of renown

As were your fathers at Kairau of yore.

Ye flew to battle fields — plunged beneath, the wave as the Kawau*

And drew up thence the from the great deep sea.