R?popoto reo P?keh?
Pukapuka 2, Nama 2

pp.5-6 Editorial about the conflict between Ng?i Te Rangi, Ng?ti Whakaue, settlers and soldiers at Tauranga, the journey of Te Karaka [George Clarke Snr] to ?t?moetai, the military activity and relationships with Maori, the abuse of burial grounds, the retaliatory action by Maori, the attack on a ship as retribution, and the arbitration to end the fighting.
pp.6-7 P?mare and others
Discussion about the attempted abduction by P?mare and his group of a Ng?ti Tipa person at Auckland, in retaliation for a woman who ran away, which was thwarted by Pakeha and the Constabulary. The consequences should have been imprisonment but the judgement was passed that these Maori were just ignorant of the law. Warning that similar actions and disregard for the law will not be tolerated.
p.7 Notice from Te Matiu warning that the carrying of firearms in townships is punishable by imprisonment.
pp.7-8 Letters to the Editor
From Wiremu W?teri and Wiremu Wata, Remuera
Discusses the correspondence of Kaihau in previous issues, and the conflict over ownership of named settlements.
p.8 The law: assault
Discusses the consequences of assault as judged by the British judicial system with examples of assaults on Pakeha from P?tiki and Aotea, and on Te Matoha by a Pakeha.