Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 3, Nama 6

p.77 Notice listing people contracted to receive subscriptions and transmit the subscribers' names to the Editor.
[English translation included.]
Agents for Te Wananga
[English translation included.]
To correspondents
Disclaimer as to opinions expressed in contributions.
To advertisers
Outlines rules for submitting notices to the newspaper which must be in the
Maori language.
[English translation included.]
Notice advising instructions for advertising horses.
Cost [of subscription]
Gives annual subscription rates; £1 per year but £1.2s.6d if posted. Weekly purchase from newsagents is 6d.
pp.77-79 [Editorial]
The general election
Outlines the election results and discusses an attack on the two Maori members of Parliament, Wī Parata and Wī Kātene, and states reasons why they were not re-elected.
Also questions Sir George Grey's election to the Thames area, and discusses the alleged bribery used to elect Captain Read for the European East Coast seat.
States that Karaitiana Takamoana was elected to Eastern Maori and discusses the rumours that the Native Department tried, unsuccessfully, to ensure that Takamoana was not re-elected.
[English summary only.]
pp.80-81 [Letter to the Editor]
From the chiefs of the northern tribes to the chiefs of the southern tribes
Discusses the way the country is governed, that Maori are now one to every eight Pakeha and the amount of land owned by the Crown.
States that the letter has been sent to the `head chiefs' of the South Island concerning Maori representation in Parliament. Contains two petitions: one supporting Donald McLean and one supporting Sir George Grey, asking that South Island iwi [tribal groups] help support Grey.
Also asks that the chiefs of the South Island support the petition and send it to Hēnare Koura (Pōrangahau), Tikawenga (Wairarapa) and the Assembly of Tamatea. Lists the signatories.
States that other copies have been sent to Muriwhenua, Whangaroa (North),Te Wairoa (North), Waimā at Hokianga, Taumārere, Waikare and Whangaruru.
Also states that Ngā Puhi wanted the petition forwarded to both Karaitiana and Taiaroa because these two parliamentary representatives `are true to the Maori people'.
[Copy of petition on page 81.]
[English translation included.]
Telegram from Hōhepa Tamamutu, Taupō
Discusses the foolish action of Ngāi Te Rangi in murdering Pētera Koikoi of Urewera.
[English translation included.]
pp.81-82 [News item]
Concerns the return of Sir Julius Vogel and discusses his quarrelsome relationship with the other members of Parliament.
[English translation included.]
pp.82-88 Statement made by Hon. H.R.Russell in Legislative Council in reference to land transactions in Hawke's Bay
States that he is defending the charges against him concerning private land purchases in Hawke's Bay and encouraging the dubious behaviour of the Native Land Department in the same area. Details prices paid for the various transactions Russell was involved in.
[English translation included.]
pp.88-89 [Letters to the Editor]
From Rēnata Paraire Kawatupu, Ngā Puhi
Disagrees with the way four Maori representatives were elected to assist Maori and the way two, Wī Parata and Wī Kātene, were taken by the Government and turned from representing Maori to being `Ministers of Government'. Encourages Maori not to give their votes to men like these who desert them.
[English translation included.]
From Hēmi Korerohe
Discusses a case of grave robbing by a European man named Walker.
[English translation included.]
From Paramena Naonao-a-Tūterangi
Letter to Hōne Kōtuku, the `first born son of Sir Donald McLean', telling him not to ignore the wrong actions of his father.
p.89 Notice from Hēnare Taka describing several horses held at the animal pound that will be sold if not collected within two weeks.
From H.Tiri who sells commodities such as tea and sugar.
From Rati and Rauniri. Sell beds and similar goods.
From Hōne Ropitini [John Robertson]. Jeweller.
p.90 [Advertisements]
From Kamatira Hotera. Hotel accommodation. States, `Maoris welcome'.
From J.Kirimiri. Clothing retailer.
From The Bank [of New Zealand?], able to deal in damaged property.
Notice from Te Paui stating that he will cease trading in January, all goods at sale prices.
From Cobb and Co. Timetable and fares.
[English translation included.]
From C.R.Robinson. Surveyor of bridges and land.
[English translation included.]
p.91 [Advertisements]
From Makiria o Hawheraka [Margaret's of Havelock]. Clothing retailer.
From Tāmati Tauni. Established a blacksmith shop in Hastings, which also carries out farm machinery repairs.
From G.Pākina. Coachbuilder, blacksmith and iron-goods worker.
From Te Houra. Sells plows, saddles, leatherwear and other items for use with horses and carts.
From Governor Brown Hotel. Describes accommodation, meals and hospitality, includes price list.
p.92 [Advertisements]
From Pāteriki Kahikuru. Saddlemaker and manufacturer of gigs and carts.
From M.R.Mira. Stock agent.
From Hōne [John] Peri. General merchant, offers low prices.
From Takena and Co. Clothing and accessory shop.
From H.Wiremu. Sells saddles and iron goods.
From H.J.Hiki. Boot and shoe manufacturer based in Hawheraka [Havelock].
For sale
From M.Paerani. Selling four wheat-cutting machines.
Notice concerning publishing details for Te Wananga.