Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 5, Nama 19

p.209 Advertisement from Rēneti and Co., listing the clothing items available from their store.
Notice to all people of New Zealand, Wairarapa, Taranaki, Napier and Gisborne
From Mr. Rees, lawyer of Napier, advising that land leases should be registered.
From Rutoka and Pārai, advertising the many varieties of grass seed that have become available.
Notice from Doctor Tēra, advising that he will be setting up in practice at Waiapu.
p.210 Death notice
From the Rev. Heta Tarawhiti, Taupiri, Waikato, informing of the death of his grandchild, Hare K.Tarawhiti, and of his elder brother, Eruera Matewhiti.
pp.211-212 [Editorial]
What the Native Land Court is; and what the Native tribes of New Zealand want
Contains a critique of the operation of the Native Land Act and how the Native Land court judges are interpreting it.
[English translation included.]
pp.212-214 Native Land Court
Reports on the session that took place on 8 April 1878, before Judge Theophilus Heale and Hoani Taipua, Assessor.
Concerns the order brought down by the Supreme Court to ascertain what share each of the grantees was entitled to in the Mangateretere West land block. States that the Court was adjourned until 23 April, due to the illness of one of the principal Maori owners. Contains evidence given.
Concludes with the case being adjourned indefinitely, and the Government asked to organise the next sitting of the Court.
[English translation included.]
pp.214-215 This is a letter that was sent in from the Committee at Ōpōtiki
Contains greetings to God, Queen Victoria, Governor Grey and John Sheehan and expresses the wish that people heed the words of the Scriptures.
Contains a list of requests for the future, outlining laws enacted in the past that were not good for Maori.
Contains a letter that was sent to the Heretaunga Committee, which introduces the list of requests and expresses sorrow at the way Maori have become exhausted with having to struggle with wrongs of the past.
pp.215-216 Report from the Native Affairs Committee
Refers to a series of select committee decisions made during 1877. States that Te Wananga is not responsible for the Maori translations, which were done by a parliamentary translator.
The Committee's decision concerning a petition from Tauira Paerau and 12 other signatories, which discusses land at Matatā [Richmond] that was taken for a town.
States that the Committee upheld the authority of the Government as outlined in the Richmond land sale act, 1870.
The Committee's decision concerning a petition from Hōtereni Taipari and 73 other signatories, which discusses land taken for gold mining in the Hauraki area. The owners claim that they have no records of the yearly lease monies and they suspect some of their money has been used to pay gold miners.
States that the Committee has already instructed Te Paki [Puckey], the government officer at Hauraki, to disclose the information to the owners. States that the officer did not agree with the instructions, but he will not prevent an examination of the books.
The Committee's decision concerning a petition from Rēnata Kawepō and 1,022 other signatories, which outlines their disagreement with the Native Land Court law before the House.
States that because the law is before the House the Committee will need to carefully assess the petitioners' request.
The Committee's decision concerning a petition from Hōne Mohi Tāwhai, which concerns the Native Land Court law currently before the House.
States that because the law is before the House the committee will need to carefully assess the petitioners' request.
p.216 The Committee's decision concerning a petition from Tapa Te Whata and others (number 1), which discusses the alleged wrongful taking of their lands during the confiscation of Waikato lands.
States that the Committee will consider organising a way for the petitioners' claim to be examined, but some of the lands have now been sold. States that they are unsure if this includes the petitioners' lands. Concludes that the Committee will instruct the Native Land Court to investigate the matter.
The Committee's decision concerning a petition from Tapa Te Whata and others (number 2), which discusses their request for moving the Land Court sitting to another venue apart from Waikato.
States that the Committee cannot rule on the decision by the petitioners not to attend the Court sitting at Waikato, but will formulate a law to present before the House concerning their lands at Waikato, which will open a way to compensation.
The Committee's decision concerning a petition from Wiremu Hūnia Waikeri, which requests that lands belonging to him at Waiuku, Manukau, be returned to him.
States that the Committee has authorised the Superintendent of Auckland to investigate the matter, should the Government agree.
The Committee's decision concerning a petition from W.H.Taipari, which discusses the payment of £5000 to the person who first discovered the gold fields at Hauraki.
States that the Committee is aware that many people have claimed this right of first discovery, but cautions the Government to carefully consider the demands of the petitioner, and his long-standing claim.
pp.216-217 [Letter to the Editor]
From Nikora Rotohiko, Hatepe, Wairoa
Obituary for Te Waru, from Ngāti Kahungunu. Contains the reason for his death and details of his whakapapa [genealogy].
p.217 [Letters to the Editor]
From Te Rori Rangihaere and other signatories, Motuiti, Manawatū
Congratulates the Raukawa tribal groups of Wairarapa who are successfully gathering monies for a church in their area. States that it is commendable that people should want to embrace Christianity.
From Tamaiti Te Rangituawaru, Tūranganui
Obituary for Hēmi Rangiehakaekea [Rangiewhakaekea?], who shot himself while on a bird hunting trip. Contains a waiata [song] and description of the shooting.
From Eraihia Tamawharu, Te Pātangata
Obituary for Teira Hikawaha. Contains a poroporoaki [traditional speech of farewell].
pp.217-218 From Hoani Māka, Ikaroa, Whangaehu
Concerns a meeting held at Ikaroa to determine Maori ownership of land known as Papakai. States there was much deliberation between tribal groups of the Tongariro regions and the Committee for the Hot Springs of Tongariro was asked to consider the evidence and give judgement.
p.218-219 [Letters to the Editor]
From Te Heuheu Tūkino, Chairman of the Tūwharetoa Committee, Otukou
Claim to the block of land known as Papakai, investigated by the tribes under the sanction of Te Heuheu being chairman of the meeting.
Report of the meeting to discuss the Maori claim to Papakai. States that the claim was brought by Hingakino and her tribal group [Ngāti Waewae], and the counter claim was brought by Matuahu [Tūwharetoa and others]. Contains a list of the witnesses for both sides. States that the judges were Tōpia Tūroa and Te Rangatāhau, and details the judgement process. Contains the final judgement, which favoured Matuahu and his people.
[English translation included.]
p.219 From Marakaia Tawaroa, Erihāpeti Īhāia, Ari Tawaroa, Karaitiana Korou, Hāmuera Maratai, Ramera Tawaroa and Rēwiti Te Rau, Te Oreore, Masterton
Addresses Mr Rees, lawyer in Napier and concerns leasing of Maori lands.
[English only.]
From W.L.Rees, Napier
To Marakaia Tawaroa and others
Reply to previous letter, agreeing to work for them against unscrupulous Pakeha leaseholders, but only if they have conclusive evidence.
[English translation included.]
From Rēweti Hiakai and all his committee of Kaikōura, Waipapa
Reports the outcome of a meeting held by Ngāi Tahu at Mangamaunu, Kaikōura, to discuss the adoption of Christianity as the true law. Also advocates a total ban on alcohol to Maori groups in the South Island and to `a half-caste, or Kanaka of the South Seas'.
[English only.]
p.220 From Hāmiora Te Ahuroa (son in-law of Tāmihana Tarapīpipi Te Waharoa)
Comments on a newspaper article he has read that states the Government will look into Maori grievances. Adds that if the Government cannot give Maori what they want, they have at least had a patient hearing.
[English only.]
Notice from Paramena Ngāwiri, describing a missing horse.
Notice from Tōmoana Hēnare, agreeing to allow bird shooting at Te Karamū. States that no introduced species included for this current year.
Notice from Tōmoana Hēnare, informing Maori of a new land law which will cause more grievances.
For sale
Advertisement from A.Pita, of imported carriages for sale.
Caution notice
From Karaitiana Takamoana and other signatories, concerning the shooting of birds in the areas of Pākōwhai, and warning that they have not given permission for this to occur this year.
Advertisement from Hēmi Roai, manufacturer of greenstone jewellery.
Notice to all Maori people
From A.W.Paromapira, advising his intention to establish a legal practice at Gisborne.
Advertisement from Te Wara and Company, manufacturers of greenstone jewellery.
Cost [of subscription]
Subscription details for Te Wananga.
[Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand]
Te Wananga is printed by Henry Hill and published by Hēnare Tōmoana.
[English translation included.]