Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 5, Nama 3

p.25 A notice to Maori
Reminder notice for subscriptions, listing the yearly subscription as £1.2s.6d.
From Maki Tonoere, advising his services as a land agent.
From Rēneti and Co., listing the clothing items available from their store.
From Hōri Rikari, advising a forthcoming concert at the Theatre Royal.
Debt collection notice from Nikora.
Notice for the Maori people of the South Island
From the Editor, advising the yearly subscription rate.
p.26 The markets
Lists of commodities and prices from markets at Timaru, Dunedin and Ōāmaru.
pp.26-27 [Editorial]
Discusses a report that appeared in the Daily Telegraph concerning the registration of Maori entitled to vote as per the constitution of the colony.
[English translation included.]
p.27 [News items]
The theatre play
Review from the Auckland Herald discussing the recent play performed at the Theatre Royal.
The death of the King of Italy
Reports the death of King [Victor] Emanuel and that Prince Humbert has succeeded to the throne.
Origin of Clydesdale breed of horses
Discusses the origin of these horses.
[English translation included.]
Report of a dinner held in the South Island at which Taiaroa spoke of his parliamentary work.
Obituary for Rota Pōrehua, Pakipaki.
[English translation included.]
Reports that Donald [McLean?] is returning from overseas and that he is a runholder near Hastings.
Reports that he is going overseas to represent Sir Julius Vogel.
The King of Holland
Reports that the King of Holland wishes to marry but should have had these thoughts when he was younger.
Announcing the forthcoming sale of 57,000 acres of prime land at Tauranga.
Lighthouse at Waikawa
The Government has commissioned a lighthouse to be built at Waikawa.
Kihipene [Gisborne?]
Concerns the lack of accommodation for people attending the races at Gisborne.
p.28 Mr. Rees
Reports that Mr.Rees discussed his retirement from Parliament with his electorate who stated that they wished him to continue.
Mr. Ballance
Announces the appointment of Mr. Ballance as Minister of Customs and Minister of Education.
The Merepana [Melbourne?] Parliament
Discusses the deeds of the new Government and states that those who disagreed with the new regime would not be appointed to governmental positions.
House fires at Akara [Ankara?]
Report houses destroyed by fire, one person injured and several ill.
The fighting between Egypt and Abyssinia
Discusses the casualties and states that the British are negotiating between the two sides.
A new law
Discusses Grey's new law concerning Crown grants and states that the day is near when the truth will be known about Sir Donald McLean and his part in dubious land dealings.
Report of the fighting between Russia and Turkey
Reports that a peace deal has been presented to Russia and Turkey and negotiations have begun. Outlines the negotiation meeting.
The fighting between Russia and Turkey has ended
Reports that the fighting has stopped and a peace agreement has been reached.
pp.28-32 Te Aute College trust
Contains a further report concerning the management of Te Aute College.
[English translation included.]
p.32 [Letters to the Editor]
From A.Manahi Te Rātū, Tūpekerunga, Waikato
Contains the results of horse races held at Tūpekerunga. States that at the end of the races there was a dance attended by both Pakeha and Maori.
From Epeniha Taura and Ruiha Mitira, Wairoa
Warns Maori and Pakeha against trespassing.
p.32-33 From Kāwana Hūnia, Pārewanui
Discusses the sale of land at Tararua, and the owner's dissatisfaction with the outcome. Accuses the Maori land officer of deceitful practices concerning the sale. States that the Crown grant was not correct and the correct people were not included. Encourages Maori to hold on to their lands.
p.33 From Nepe Te Apatu and other signatories, Waipawa
Lists the appointments for various positions of authority such as judges, priests, clerks and policemen in the Waipawa area, and also lists the laws for the area.
From Pitihira Te Kuru Pounamu, Foxton
Discusses the taking of land and their long struggle to have it returned by the previous government.
From Hira Pirika, Parihaka, Taranaki
Describes the food and hospitality at a recent meeting at Parihaka.
From Ihakara Rangiāhua Wakatakerenui
Discusses the preserving of birds in their own fat.
p.34 From Waretini Wētini, Te Paina, Waikato, Mercer
Discusses a Good Templar meeting held in Waikato, and concludes with a Christmas wish in English.
From Tāreha Te Moananui and other signatories, Waiohiki
To the Editor of Te Wananga
Expresses support for the new Government, and issues a warning to government officials not to come into their area, as they are not trusted. Concludes with an invitation for all tribes to unite with those of Ngāti Kahungunu.
[English translation included.]
p.35 Advertisement
Requesting Pakeha fishmongers to sell their wares at Bridge Pā.
[English translation included.]
From Wiremu Mākarini, describing the horse he has for sale.
From Paerani and company, advising services as a gunsmith, and sale of guns, gunpowder and gun licenses.
Trespass notice from Nepe Te Apatu.
[English translation included.]
Animal trespass notice from Nepe Te Apatu.
[English translation included.]
Hohe Pāpaka and company
Advertising blacksmith services.
Advertisement from Wī Matua, concerning a forthcoming horse sale.
p.36 £100 reward
From W.J.Millar, requesting information concerning detection of railway vandalism.
[English translation included.]
From Rāpata Wirikini, advising the stud fees for the horse `Little John'.
Advises the fares and schedule for the steamer, Manaia.
From Te Mira, warning Maori that it is illegal to play cards while travelling on the trains as per rule 31.
From Te Wara and Company, manufacturers of greenstone jewellery.
From Colledge and Co., advertising printing services.
From Te Wananga, listing the subscription rates.
[Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand]
Te Wananga is printed by Henry Hill and published by Hēnare Tōmoana.
[English translation included.]