Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 3, Nama 47

p.449 Notice listing dates and times for sunrise and sunset.
A notice for the subscribers to Te Wananga
Uses metaphoric language to remind readers of the good work done by Te Wananga in informing Maori of issues that concern them, and to continue to subscribe to the newspaper with articles of interest.
Notice for the many Maori of New Zealand
Advises of a forthcoming journey by members of Te Wananga's committee to source material for the newspaper.
Market prices
Stock and commodity prices from the markets at Wellington, Auckland and Napier.
pp.449-450 [Editorial]
The King is dead - Long live the King
Concerns the resignation of Sir Donald McLean from his position as the Native Minister, and names the successor Dr. Pollen. Also states that they `do not wish to perform a war dance over a fallen foe ... history will be hard enough on Sir Donald McLean'.
[English translation included.]
pp.451-454 The ex-Native Minister's farewell
Report and publication of Sir D. McLean's farewell speech.
[English translation included.]
pp.454-455 Ōmarunui case
From the Daily Telegraph, concerning the ownership dispute over the lands at Ōmarunui.
[English translation included.]
p.455 The news
Report of the war between Turkey and Bulgaria.
Notice of Sir Donald McLean's resignation and that Dr. Pollen is his successor as Native Minister.
Hōri Karaka Tāwiti, M.P. for Northern Maori, has been appointed as assistant to the Native Minister.
A steamer has overturned at Ōtākou [Otago - Dunedin], but there was no loss of life.
Reports that next month the Governor will be travelling to the Chatham Islands on the steamer, Hinemoa.
Reports that the Government is encouraging Pakeha to immigrate and settle.
Reports that Sir George Grey has begun his election campaign.
Reports that Ngā Puhi agree to someone visiting England in order to plead the case for Maori.
pp.455-459 House of Representatives
Supply - Class VI - Native Department.
Parliamentary debate concerning the allocation of salaries to assessors and magistrates.
[English translation included.]
p.459 [Notice]
Informs of the decision by the chiefs of two tribal groups, Ngāti Mutahi and Ngāti Pakapaka, to stop drinking alcohol.
[English translation included.]
[Letter to the Editor]
From Piripi Te Māri, Piringa, Wairarapa
Warns that anyone seen digging a trench to release water through the dam at the mouth of the Wairarapa river will be prosecuted, and also states that the lake still belongs to Maori and the Government should not have sold it to Pakeha.
[English translation included.]
Advertisement advising the fares and schedule for the steamer, Manaia.
p.460 Notice from J.Rogan, advising a forthcoming Land Court sitting.
[English translation included.]
One pound reward
From Ereatara Kuru, advising a reward for information on a missing horse.
[English translation included.]
Notice from Hēnare Rata [H.R.Russell] advising that unauthorised grazing will not be permitted.
[English translation included.]
Advertisement from Paratari, saddler.
Notice from Hōri Tāwai [Tāwhai?] and Nepe Apatu, warns not to take dogs over land at Rākautātahi.
[English translation included.]
Advertisement from Te Wara, manufactures watches and jewellery.
Debt collections notice from Hēmi Nikora.
Notice concerning publishing details for Te Wananga.