Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 5, Nama 40

p.489 Advertisement from Rēneti and Co., listing the clothing items available from their store.
Advertisement from Pairini and Co., advising that they sell iron goods.
p.490 Notice from Raraka and Parahi, advising the guns and related accessories they have for sale.
My notice to all Maori
From Mr Rees informing Maori of his office hours.
Notice to all people of New Zealand, Wairarapa, Taranaki, Napier and Gisborne
From Mr. Rees, lawyer of Napier, advising that land leases should be registered.
Notice to all Maori
Subscription notice from Te Wananga, with price for one year's subscription.
[English translation included.]
Notice from A.W.Paromapira, advertising that he will commence work as a lawyer in Gisborne.
Subscriptions received
Contains a list of people who have sent in their subcriptions and the amounts received.
pp.490-494 [Editorial]
Reports from the Native Minister, Sheehan, outlining events in the Maori districts of Waikato, Raglan, Tauranga, Maketū, Ōpōtiki, Waiapu, Gisborne, Whanganui, Rangitīkei and Manawatū and Canterbury.
[English translations included.]
p.494-498 [Letter to the Editor]
From Hirini Taiwhanga, Kaikohe, Pēwhairangi
Discusses the words of the late Bishop Selwyn who stated that Maori should give up their old life and turn to the new God. Discusses topics such as England's problems with Russia, the `Land-shark Ring', government loans, and the demise and resurrection of Te Waka Maori. Contains the 91st Psalm.
[English translation included.]
p.498 [Letters to the Editor]
From Meihana Tākihi, Pākōwhai
Describes the wedding of Hēnare Rata's daughter at Waipukurau. States that Russell was unable to attend because of severe illness. Describes the gifts presented to Russell for his daughter, including a greenstone taonga tuku iho [treasure from the ancestors] a greenstone eardrop [named].
[English translation included.]
pp.498-499 [Letter to the Editor]
From Martin Rāwiri and Īhāia Wataruhe, Mangamaunu, Kaikōura
Obituary to Hēni Kaihara, and her grandmother, Rinatipa, who died one week apart at Mangamaunu. Contains whakapapa [genealogy].
From Wiremu Weka Te Tuhera and Ihimaera, Mahinepua
Explains how he was fined for discharging a gun at the funeral of his daughter.
From Rēweti Te Hiakai Ōuenuku, Waipapa
Obituary for a Maori woman, Kaihara. States that she was originally from Kaiapoi but had moved to Kaikōura upon her marriage to a local man. Contains her whakapapa [genealogy].
From Ria Mamuera Te Raikōkiritia [Ria Mānuera Te Raikōkiritia?], Pārewanui, Rangitīkei
Obituary for Te Retimana Hirea. Contains a tangi [lament].
From Wī Matua, Pōrangahau
Details a rāhui [ban] he has placed on lands at Ngāpaeruirui. States that any infringment will result in a £100 fine.
pp.499-450 [Letter to the Editor]
From Maika Pikaka, Waikouaiti
Obituary for Mihi Korana. Contains whakapapa [genealogy], and states that she was from Rangiriri, Waikato.
From Whititerā Te Waiatua, Ōhinemutu
Informing people that the certificate for Paengareoa needs to be sent immediately to the Rotorua committee.
The racehorse, Terenga
Stud notice advising the qualities and pedigree of the horse, Terenga, and that he is now available for stud purposes. States that the service fee is £5 per mare.
Notice to the people
From Manoe and Company, advertising alcohol, tea, sugar, flour and other commodities for sale.
Notice from Rēnata Kawepō, advising that he has put a gate on his land to prevent his horses from being impounded.
[English translation included.]
Notice from Papu (Robert Finlayson), warning debtors to repay or be dunned.
Employment notice from Pāora Rōpiha, requesting people willing to work his lands. States the remuneration offered.
[English translation included.]
Notice advising the location of the Te Wananga office in Hastings Street, Napier.
[Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand]
Te Wananga is printed by Henry Hill and published by Hēnare Tōmoana.
[English translation included.]