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Social Life

Describes movie interest: "James Dean was good". Regular weekly attendance, "We dressed up for it" - Regent, Civic, State. Going to the late movies was quite something.

Recollects Rugby greats. "Ponty Reid, The half back, was my idol". Kirkpatrick, Fred Allen, George Scott, the Clarkes.

Read motorcycle magazines, comics.

"First pair of black jeans I had, I was just about run out of home!"

A bit much for Mother. Ivy League pants - pastel with coloured shirts, thick rubber soled shoes. Motorbike enthusiast - sported leather jacket: Didn't have to wear a crash helmet if travelled under 30 mph. Although most people wore them, metal roads encouraged this.

Enjoyed Rock `n' Roll music on radio.

First car bought in 60's - a 1948 12 hp Vauxhall - bought when he came out of his apprenticeship.

Licensed to drive at 15 - learnt on farm tractors and trucks. Actually learnt to drive on a 1927 half ton Chev truck- "experienced" when he had his driving test! All of family acquired their licences within twelve months of leaving school.

1958 moved to Hamilton, had board. Loved it - elaborates on this.