close this bookA golden childhood on the late 1920's
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School [cont]

Describes segregation of boys and girls at school, excepting for science. Mentions `Wamp' Fraser, Miss Noble, Miss Madley. Discusses Napier earthquake 1931. Remembers Anglesea cutting, describes how it was before, effect on school..

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Hamilton west school. classes at Bledisloe winter show building. Anglesea cutting continued. Didn't go into town except to swim, pools have changed. Organised Social Events. Recalls old theatre where plays were staged, Hilda Ross on piano, Maritana. Remembers travelling into Hamilton for Bible Class camps, describes camps in some details,

We loved those Bible Class camps though because we got to know people in other areas who had come.... a lot of them got saved but I never got saved"

Enjoyed Church socials at Waitoa, games music and singing, church forbade dancing, social dances at the hall,

"We weren't allowed to go out of the hall ... because things went on outside the hall of these balls .... but we didn't come to any harm, we just had a good time"

Importance of your reputation, girls didn't smoke as much then.

Recalls the plight of the poorer families, father used to grow vegetables and give them out to the people in the town. Muriel worked in NZ Dairy Co. for 5 years, men's wages - 3 pounds 13 shillings for seven days work. Effects of fall in butter prices. Describes how swaggers came looking for work,

"They must have put some mark on our gate because we got a lot of them"

Legacy of slump in gold in Thames during 1920's.