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The Big OE

Took the `Castel Felice' (Italian ship) to London,

"We had quite a few ports of call. We had dances every night. We were very independent, we would always buy our own drinks"

Details of voyage and ports of call- Singapore, Colombo, Port Said, Naples, England. Away for 18 months, spent time working in England- details of this. Spent 13 weeks in Europe,

"When we got down to the south of Spain...we used to sometimes sleep on the beaches, but you're not actually allowed to be on the beach after dark, they

patrol the beaches because of the smugglers coming across from Morocco, so we would get talking to the people patrolling the beaches and sometimes they'd

patrol us too".

"We got mobbed in Gibraltar of my girlfriends looked a bit like Doris Day...we went into a chemist shop and we tried to come out and the

shopkeeper had to call the police"

Tells more travel stories.

Returned to NZ aged 24.