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Hamilton and Hotrods

Went to the Winter Show in Ward Street.

Hotrods being made by boys from other cars. Brother owned one called the "Buzzard". He would zoom noisily down the road, with a traffic officer chasing him:

"He would poke his tongue out at the cop or something, and take off in his car, but he would come home and say to Mum "Oh Mum, I've just gone down the road and that cop is there". And my mother thought that he was victimising him, so she rang the Ministry of Transport to say leave my boy alone, he's doing nothing wrong". And my brother was absolutely mortified, because he knew what he had been doing out the car window, and I remember him coming in saying, "I'm a marked man"! Everyone will know my mother has rung up the Police!!!"

Father did the mechanical repairs on brothers motorbikes and hotrods. Friends though her brother was lovely, and taught him how to kiss!