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Father had a large vegetable garden, fruit trees, kept chickens,

"We hated the spring when we used to have to count the spring onions into hundreds"

Used to go blackberry picking at Te Rapa Racecourse. Had bikes by the time they went to Maeroa Intermediate, previously walked to Sunday School at St. Lukes, Maeroa,

"My parents then got a car which was very exciting"

Discusses how boring it was having to sit in the car as her father taught her mother to drive.

Car opened up more travel opportunities but,

"We didn't have holidays in the car because my father's brothers and sisters were

in Auckland and New Plymouth...and we got the train, particularly when he worked on the railway, it was a cheaper fare"

Remembers her father as very strict,

"There was a lot of hidings, there was wooden spoons broken over our backsides

in the shed"

Mentions her mother was a wonderful cook but Fay was a fussy eater,

"You'd get a hiding if you didn't eat your dinner"

"If we told the odd lie, which wasn't a lie, it was really a fib about something, we

would get soap put in our mouths over the concrete tub"

Had a good relationship with her mother, but rather scared of her father. Tells story about brother rebelling against her father. Talks about religion,

"Religion wasn't made a very big thing of. There was grace on Sundays for meals,

but it wasn't the thing that dominated the house really, but discipline and respect of parents was"

Discusses domestic appliances, mother didn't have even a fridge for ages,

"When she got her first fridge and wringer washing machine, that was quite exciting. She was very sceptical about having them. Her sister, who lived in

Hamilton, was the first one to get a fridge because she won a little bit of money on the... Golden Kiwi (raffle)...which we all trouped over to see"

Discusses novelty of home made ice cream. Mentions having a radio, a treadle sewing machine on which her mother sewed both her and her brother's clothes. Discusses more about holidays, overnight train journeys. Family from Auckland came down to visit them too. Talks about food, typical meal - meat and three veges,

"There was always dessert 'cos my mother made puddings every night"

Pavlova considered a treat, home made ice cream on a Saturday. Got a birthday cake every year. Discusses Christmas food, roast chicken, pudding with money inside,

"So you ate yourself silly so you could get as many thruppences or sixpences as you could"

Lemonade considered a treat as only fizzy drink around.