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Left school at 16, walked straight into a job, earned five pounds a week as office junior at Hamilton Hardware,

"You had an initial interview...but when you got that interview, automatically you knew you were going into that job"

Gives details of job, enjoyed it. Mentions she used to write articles for children's newspaper pages in the Waikato Times and New Zealand Herald, so keen on writing.

Tape 1 Side 2

Continues talking about newspaper contributions, and work,

"Five pound a week when I started work was to me an absolute goldmine"

Keen on clothes so spent a lot of money on material.

"I worked Friday nights `til nine and didn't think anything of biking home at 9 o'clock. Girls did would never ever occur to you that somebody

would jump out and assault you"

Discusses work conditions,

"The bosses weren't friends .... they were Mr, and you looked up to them, and the junior took their cup of tea and their two biscuits on the silver into their office everyday"

Mentions a work uniform at Odlins (formerly Hamilton Hardware),

"Mini skirts came in and some of the girls .... wanted them shorter. There was quite a debate with the bosses about the length of these ..... uniforms, that the hems were taken up because if you bent over the bosses would see your knees or a bit further up"

Mentions bosses, Mrs Maureen Black, Mrs Knowles. Recalls the odd social occasion organised by the firm, held at the Lake Kiosk, romances with male colleagues,

"There would be a bit of talking to them in the storeroom and some of us dated the odd ones, which was looked at with great speculation to see what was going to happen"

Discusses unusual overhead cash system,

"So if you were extra friendly with any of the guys or wanted a bit of fun, we used to sometimes put a little note in them"

Was promoted to cashier after 4 or 5 years. Transferred to Frankton branch just after getting married, secretary to the boss.