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Talks about chores, details father's illness. Describes father as a "modern thinker". Talks about enjoying life on the farm, Christmas gifts and walking to school.

Details Manhire Rd. Tells of the children who lived nearby. Says she got on well with parents, describes the "discussion times" the family had at mealtime and the effect father's sickness had on these. Talks about mother being the main disciplinarian, mentions she was in the Womens' Division of Federated Farmers and tells of occasion when she punished her brother and sister. Talks about the importance of religion in their lives, details Sunday School activities. Says that family did not have holidays, they had no car, mentions school picnics in Waihi Beach. Mentions her grandmother and uncle coming to stay while father was sick and helping out. Mentions close community ties and cooperation with work. Healthy family. Mentions once having the measles when there was a gymkhana at the farm. Had first pair of gumboots when she was married in 1963. Mostly wore bare feet,

"We didn't wear shoes and socks ...We used to go to the shed in bare feet. Sometimes in the winter it was a bit cold and we'd paddle in the cow pats to keep your feet warm. But it wasn't that bad ... Sometimes Mum would buy some shoes and we used to set off to school in them and take them off and leave them in the neighbour's letterbox and pick them up on the way home"

Treats were going into town and being given two shillings to spend, biking ten miles to go to the movies on Saturday, bread with jam and cream on it, and father making pancakes.