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Attended Hamilton High School, was co-ed. Took an academic course; English, French, Latin, geometry, trigonometry, arithmetic. No geography. Liked secondary school, went from a class of nine or ten to one of forty, (Discusses several of her teachers; Miss Barrowclough, Miss Campbell, Miss Hogg). Was taught life-saving. More scope, competition, and facilities. Got into the under 15 basketball team, made her way up to the A team. Played a lot of tennis, swimming. Friends met up in the holidays, simple entertainment. Not much socialising at Diocesan because they had to go home on the bus. Liked to play sport. Put a play on every year, took part in `Patience' and `HMS Pinafore'. Had drills and displays they had to take part in.

In the holidays socialised with friends from High School but also friends from Diocesan who were back for the holidays, (discusses the present whereabouts of her school friends). At school she either wanted to do something with flowers or be a kindergarten teacher; both involved going to Auckland. Did not go; partly the Depression, partly homesickness.