close this book"You either did what you were told or you get a clip behind the ear" : 1940s childhoodInterview with Roly Johnstone
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Entertainment [cont]

Mentions Roger Whitaker concert in Auckland, seeing the Vienna Boys Choir in Hamilton, wrestling matches -Lofty Blomfield, Clay Bourne.

Recalls family picnics.

Remembers rock and roll -Lonny Donegan, Bill Haley and the Comets,

"Mum would be listening to the races or whatever was on the radio sort of thing, you know, but...we never ever had a radiogram or anything like wasn't

`til, you know, the wife and I got married that we sort of went into radiograms and records"

Mentions film stars- Doris Day, Rosemary Clooney. Interested in model aircraft magazines, read Zane Grey novels. Keen on motorbikes but not part of a gang.

Talks about milkbar cowboys,

"The milkbar cowboys in town used to congregate out of the old food caravan at

Garden Place, then they used to go down to the Monte Carlo milkbar"

Mentions `bodgies' and `widgies',

"It wasn't `til I got into the army that there was a little bit of strife in Auckland,

bodgies and the widgies and what have you, and the army sort of got in and cleaned them up up there"