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Entertainment and Socialising

Went to a rock and roll club at the Winter Gardens on Friday night,

"and when we went to the beach that Christmas we thought we were very clever because we could rock and roll, it was all the craze at the beach dances"

Mentions going to the 5 o'clock pictures on Friday nights. Went to the Operatic productions once a year, mentions `Rio Rita', `The Belle of New York'. Went to the A&P Show, church dances, dances at the Starlight Ballroom. Grace Kelly and Cary Grant fan. Not really into music, had a few beach concerts, picnics at the Lake. Discusses slang expressions used at the beach- `shooting through'. Mentions fashion- `winkle pickers', stovepipe trousers, striped knit tops, hooped petticoats. Wore home-made clothes.

Shorter hairstyles popular, ribbons as a child. Recalls school dances, Boys' and Girls' High.

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