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Went to Melville School, mentions Mrs Burden, then to Hamilton West, then Hamilton High School (co-ed for the first two years, became Girls High). Very keen on sport, loved school,

"I didn't enjoy biking...once we got out to River Road North I used to have to bike along the stony road, it was stony all the way into Dio. So my father got me a little motor that fitted on the back wheel"

Remembers getting the strap at Melville,

"We had been playing rugby with the boys and we'd all put our cardigans on with our legs down the sleeves, and buttoned them up around the front, and I can

remember we all got the strap"

Remembers the change between the country and city schools. Mentions teachers Mrs Joan Ellis, Jean Scott. Enjoyed geography as wanted to travel. Involved in softball, athletics, swimming, gymnastics, netball, diving. House Captain and Prefect. Discusses school uniform,

"The prefects had to check that everyone was wearing their hats or you'd get detention"

Discusses friends at school. Mentions exams-School Certificate, UE or 6th Form Certificate,

"My grandparents wanted me to go to Solway, to a private school down out of Masterton, but I said I'd run away if they sent me there. I didn't want to go away"

Left school at 17.