close this bookTeenage years in the Frankton railway settlement around 1950
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Recalls that dishes were the children's responsibility. Attended Frankton School. Remembers first teacher Miss Wolfe and Mr (Polly) Boyd - "nick" name. Recalls different incidents of disciplinary measures taken in school and at home.

Remembers fathers ambitions, work and his relationship to his family.

"He's a very artistic man, as you can see. That beautiful painting he gave me. It's written on the back with his best writing. I can see him now, turning that picture over, writing ever so slowly...that painting was for me. And he said, "I'm not giving you girls anything with a handle on, `cause that means work. I want you to remember me for my art"

Recalls getting a fridge.

"And when we got a fridge we thought we were rich. Really thought we were rich because we had a fridge...we really did think we were rich because we were one of the first people in the railway settlement to get a refrigerator. It was just so wonderful. We thought we were very Americanised, so to speak"

Mentions father washing the clothes in a copper. Remembers having a holiday in Tauranga with family. Remembers "children's" dances on Saturday/Friday nights at the Railway Institute Hall.