Preliminary Notes for Dot Hildreth

Salvation Army

Hamilton Technical High School, commercial course

Heart condition, couldn't play sport

Father worked on the railways, died quite young

Lived in Maeroa






Astride the River .P.Gibbons

p.198, A bridge at Maeroa collapsed in 1930 (Dot five years of age)

p.234, Maeroa taken into legal area of Hamilton in 1925 (the year Dot was born)

p.252, In the 1930's traffic constantly being held up by trains, caused major traffic

jams. In 1937 talk begins about putting the railway underground.

p.186, Foundation stone for the new Salvation Army citadel was laid in 1929.

p.300, "Catholic and Protestant distrust was traditional, conventional and unimportant.

Other religious groups stirred resentment while they were new arrivals. A numerously signed petition, including the names of nearly all the town's most substantial citizens, complained of the nuisance caused by Salvation Army music when it started in the late 1880's. The Army survived, the critics forgot the issue; the Army built its barracks and citadel; a later mayor worked closely with the Salvationists."


`Hamilton 1950' booklet, Ref.NZ 993.115 1 HAM


Hamilton Technical College p.23

first classes started in around 1911.

classes were held in various schools and halls

first building erected in 1920 on Tristram Street, additions made in 1922 and 1926.

in 1928 work began on classrooms in Anglesea Street which opened in 1930

"The day and evening courses for boys include science, building and cabinet making, general business, accountancy and an agricultural course, which is growing rapidly; whilst girls can also take accountancy and general business courses or a commercial or Home Science course."


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