Preliminary Notes for Roly Johnstone

Born in Dunedin, family came to the Waikato in 1939.

No siblings.

Father a farmer, then worked at NZ Dairy Co. cheese factory; mother a packer at cheese factory for 30 yrs.

Lived at Forest Lake, Te Kowhai, Hamilton East, moved to Frankton in 1945.

Roly christened an Anglican, brought up in a Methodist church, went to Boys Brigade.

`Kept on the straight and narrow' as a child.

Went to several primary schools - Rukuhia, Forest Lake, Te Kowhai, Hamilton East, Frankton.

Left school in standard six aged 15, no secondary education.

Had an after school paper run, and worked at Mills Hardware, Frankton part-time.

First real job- `Unsworth Cycles' (Victoria St. North) as apprentice cycle mechanic, then moved to Stan Lorimer cycles for three yrs.

Next worked at Kidd Garrett (engineers supplies), then got married. Jobs as storeman at Dairy Co. then several engineering firms.

Keen on cycling, biked everywhere- Raglan, Rotorua, Kawhia.

Keen on sports, played rugby at school and league during the weekends, softball, soccer.

Interested in motorbikes (but not part of a gang), model aeroplanes.

Went roller skating at the Gaiety rink (in old Winter Show buildings), played roller hockey too.

Rock and roll dances at the Starlight Ballroom, various dance halls.

Remembers CMT, joined the Territorials and met Prince Phillip during 1953 Royal Tour.

Remembers Tangiwai Disaster, friend fighting in Korea, Waikato rugby- winning the shield, playing the Springboks.




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