close this book"I thought I'd learnt everything at 15 ; "a teenager during the 1940s
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Picture Theatre

Civic Theatre down Arapuni Road.

".....was earning 30 shillings a week.... paid a third of that in board and the rest I had to myself and I thought I was marvellous. You only paid one and sixpence to go the pictures of course, and you met your different ones there: are you going? on yeah, yeah, I'm going, oh we'll go with you, so you went. But you bought your ticket earlier, before the time, because the town was open on a Friday night, that's where the main meeting place was for the teenagers, and I guess today's the same in Hamilton on a Friday night, the teenagers meet in the city"

"You'd go to the movies and you got good value for money because it was the double feature you saw two big movies on the one night"