Themes for Questions - Jack Daley


- born 1928

- 5 in 1933

- 10 in `38

- 15 in `43

- 18 in `46





full name and date and place of birth

Can you tell me a little about your family

What did your parents do

What part of Hamilton did you live in


a. Locality


-landmarks, strong community?

- relationship to Hamilton

- any Maori community

- Any characters that stood out


b. Homelife


-Did your family have affiliations to a church, did that play a big part in social or family life


-Did the family take holidays together

Extended family

-In Hamilton? Did they form part of social life

Food/ Drink

-Typical meal, what did you consider a treat, what were mealtimes like


-Was your health good as a young person, what about the rest of your family


c. Education

what secondary school did you attend

why was that choice made

did you enjoy school

what subjects did you take

Any memorable teachers, friends,

Were you involved in any other school activities like

- sports

- drama

- clubs

What was the attitude of most students . Were there any rebels. What was the discipline like.


Do you think there was much truancy. Why not

Did you know what you wanted to do when you were at school. Did the war influence this.

Do you remember much rivalry between the High School and the Tech College. What was the attitude



d. Employment

What was your first job

What did that involve

Did the war have any effect on the way the railways operated

How busy was Frankton Junction at this time

Did you mix mainly with workmates out of work


e. Entertainment and Socialising

- What? Where? With whom?

- dances, music, theatre, movies, concerts, picnics

How did young people generally dress, Any differently from the older generation

Was there any different use of language, any slang for eg.

Did young people prefer particular music

As a teenager did you hold anyone in particular regard- public figures, film stars for eg. Importance of Radio and Film

Did you listen to radio much as a teenager

Books, Magazines, comics

Did you read much

What kind of books

Were there comics available. What, where from



11 when war was declared. Were you aware of what was happening.

Did it affect you, change your life in any way

Wish that you were older. Want to be involved

Aware of anyone objecting to being involved

Do you remember the furlough men refusing to go back in 1943, What did people feel about that



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