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1950s Issues

Discusses boys being prepared for CMT while at school, rifle training, fitness.

Memories of miners strikes, 1951 Waterfront Dispute,

"Coming from a mining area, anything to do with strikes, well, it affected us all"

Mentions Empire Games held at Auckland, Hillary conquering Everest, the Tangiwai Disaster, Queen's Coronation and visit to NZ, - lots of newspaper coverage.

`It's in the Bag' on radio,

"That was very popular. That was one of the things that you didn't miss on radio."

Details about Queen's visit to Huntly,

"I remember being horribly disappointed because she had a navy blue dress on with white spots and I thought, `well, for the Queen'. Ok, I didn't expect to see her in her tiara and ball gown or anything but I thought `Well, she could have worn something more colourful than just navy blue"

Aware of `Cold War',

"Everybody was very anti-communist, there couldn't have been anything worse than being a communist"

Mentions one Rotowaro man who was a known communist. No interest in politics as a teenager. Little awareness of race relations.