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Pukemiro Junction

Lived with father's aunt for 10 months at Pukemiro Junction, then got own house in Rotowaro. Recalls time at Pukemiro Junction, taking train to school, shopping done by train,

"weekend beer bag" and "6 o'clock swill"

Details of shops at Rotowaro - grocery shop, post office, butcher, paper shop, milkbar.

Talks about mail collection at Pukemiro and Rotowaro,

" knew when the mail came and then you gave them, you know, half an hour, three quarters of an hour to get all the mail put away, then you went and collected your mail"

Discusses housing, outside toilets,

"I wouldn't go on my own when I first came out, my mother would have to go with me because I was scared of spiders and the wetas"