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Began working aged 16 at Farmers Trading Co., Huntly, in the drapery department .

Only there a few months then took up position as a nurse aide at Huntly Maternity Hospital. Discusses work,

"You had to make and strip a bed in three minutes on your own"

Position of responsibility, answerable to Night Sister ,

"...Woe betide you if you called her for nothing"

Story about young Maori girl,

"...she'd had a whiff of the trilene and it'd given her the giggles ...and

she was sitting up in bed doing all these Maori action songs and we were trying

to deliver this baby"

Recalls some young unmarried mothers, one only 11,

"There was nothing said about it...[but] some of the women would know because these things get out no matter how careful you are"

Definite stigma attached to unmarried mothers,

"that was sort of the worst"

Spent 18 months at Huntly then moved to Auckland, `Glamis' private hospital.

Had to do housework and laundry as well.