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Parents quite liberal about freetime, used to bike everywhere -Wahi Lake picnics, `the waterfall.'

"I think your innocence saved you a lot too because a lot of things you just didn't know...and it just never even entered your head, if somebody had said it, you wouldn't have even known what they were talking about"

Picnics, visiting, pictures, dances, swimming. Once older, Doreen followed the bands around with her boyfriend to Te Hohe, Rotowaro, Puke township,

" a dance somewhere every Saturday night"

Movies- `Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs', `The 39 Steps', `45 Paces to Baker Street',

Mentions Jane Wyman, Richard Todd, Alec Guiness- `Bridge on the River Kwai.'

Went every Sunday night while living at home, then on a Friday night with boyfriend once she began working. Mentions `controversial' movies, eg. `Rock Around The Clock',

"I couldn't understand what all the uproar was when I went and saw it, ...they were saying oh, how disgusting it was, people were up in the aisle dancing"

"It was just really great music to get you going"

Talks about The Beatles and rock and roll.

"By then I was older and I would've been too ladylike to sort of, you know, be swishing my skirts around like that... you didn't even show a bit of petticoat, you made sure that someone checked that you had no petticoat hanging down"

Discusses radio, didn't get her own until after she left Auckland. Mentions Howard Morrison, Bill Halley and the Comets. Enjoyed reading,

"The nicest thing anybody could ever give me was a book"

Discusses different authors, books.

Tape 2 Side 1

Recalls comics of the time- `The Phantom', `Superman', `Beano'(UK).