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Mentions attending Morrinsville Primary and Goodwood School. Recalls punishment for being late. Attended Te Puninga School where she was put up a class. Remembers discovering her brother's short sightedness. Mentions different school activities: basketball, football, sports, swimming and marching. Recalls Calf Club days. Attended Morrinsville College. Remembers becoming quite stressed with the new way of teaching.

"I wasn't being totally swamped all the time. It wasn't that I was particularly dumb, I just couldn't...and the maths teacher in particular, he just talked a lot of gobbledegook and because I used to get my maths right, but I didn't always have my working out written down and I was informed I had to `cause how did he know that I wasn't just guessing the answers and I'd always been quite good at mental arithmetic, and that sort of thing, but I lost the ability because I had to become so structured in my maths"

Mentions phys. ed. teacher being quite frustrated with her and her brother. Talks about playing tennis well, jumping hurdles and sports days. Recalls the different uniforms that were worn. Remembers when her brother did not want to wear his school cap to go from the school gate to the school bus.

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Mentions favourite subjects and sitting School Certificate. Came top of Fourth Form. Left school after sitting School Certificate the second time. Worked at the Morrinsville Public Library.