close this bookMemories of candy floss : summer and winter shows in the 1950s
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Events of the 1950

Remembers visits by the Queen, and the Queen Mother. Recalls the Ranfurly Shield and parades down Victoria Street. Mentions that the family actually went to New Plymouth to see the Queen because she didn't come to Hamilton [the first time] due to the Tangiwai disaster.

"When she came to Hamilton she stayed in the Hamilton Hotel ..... and it had a little balcony out from it and she would go upstairs and stand out on that little balcony and we'd all stand below on Victoria Street and wave to the Queen, and the streets used to be crowded, absolutely crowded"

Remembers getting days off school for royal occasions. Mentions Frankton Tornado (1948), and flooding in Beerescourt. Remembers Hilda Ross but no interest in politics as a teenager,

"Parents didn't discuss with children, politics or their pay packets"

Doesn't believe race relations was an issue.