close this bookMemories of candy floss : summer and winter shows in the 1950s
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Went to Fairfield and Forest Lake Primary Schools, good at essay writing and poetry. Tells how brother didn't like school. Discusses subjects, followed her writing through to be editor of school newspaper at Maeroa Intermediate. Learned piano; everyone had to involved in sports, didn't really enjoy it. Talks about school milk. Didn't enjoy having to change schools. Discusses Maeroa, newly opened and rather controversial as first Intermediate in Hamilton,

"There was absolutely no trees, it was a bare school. Now the first summer we went was so hot there would be kids fainting out in the ground. You had school

assemblies where you stood out in the sun and the kids would just faint and the

teacher would call out `Leave them there' and they just lay there till assembly

was over"

Mentions school uniform. Had outside assemblies nearly every day, rain or shine. Attended Hamilton Girls High School,

"My mother decided it would be nice to send me to an all-girls school so I could

grow up to be a lady"

Focused on short-hand, book keeping, typing, embroidery, cooking. Discusses teachers, mentions Miss Alice (headmistress).

After two years at Girls High Fay was sent to Brains Commercial College to concentrate on secretarial skills,

"I think it was just accepted that I would go into secretarial work because most girls did"