Preliminary Interview With Jack Daley

Lived in Bandon St. Stayed with Grandmother (Leggot) in Nawton a lot

Went to Frankton Primary, family left for Ellerslie and he started on the railways at 15, worked there until retirement.

At first, cleaned toilets, platforms, luggage, waiting rooms, and loaded mail-bags

then moved on to clipping tickets


During war there were `girl' porters. Sometimes they were designated to work in Auckland and would catch the 190 to Auckland. At this time they were paid 12s and 6p a week

Remembers the Roxy theatre, the dance hall, and the nurses home!

There were special recreation trains from Auckland - picnic outings on Sunday

Stayed at single mens huts at Waharoa and Huntly

Biked all over the Waikato - Huntly, Te Awamutu, Morrinsville

Other activities - cooking out, shooting parties

Mentioned Marae in Greenwood St

Saturday afternoon pictures - for 9p, food and the picture

Marriots and Self-Help in Frankton

Remembers celebrating V.E. day. Linking arms, lots of hugging and kissing. Talked about how, though there was lots of `girl chasing' and they had great fun, it was very innocent and chaste.



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