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War Years

Worked for H & J Courts. Left to care for sick mother. Joined the Patriotic Hut. Worked at post Office - First woman to work on the postal counter. Describes long hours, hard work Didn't have a great deal of time to give to the hut but did what she could. Describes process of tracking theft of money. Clarifies name of patriotic hut and Women's Auxiliary Corps.

"It was the patriotic hut, it was never referred to as Hilda's hut...

we didn't call it Hilda's army, it was the Women's Auxiliary Corps"

On Hilda Ross,

"We did look to up her because she was a good leader and a good parliamentarian"

"...people use to come in and donate things for the was sort of a gathering place in Garden place"

Recalls meetings on Monday night and drills,

"she (Hilda) never walked the full march, no, she joined ... she was always there at the end ...but we didn't expect it, she was a much older woman"

Recalls several identities in the Corps. Describes uniform. Describes entertaining troops at home at week-end Describes father's bitterness toward his own son's absence at war. Mentions visiting sick soldiers, taking books, magazines. Talks about brother's two seater sports car.

"the envy of everybody, ... I was very popular with my little car, they all wanted to come home with me ...all right when I was single..."

Discusses bus service,

"...when I took Americans home ... the bus would pull in and the brakes would screech...and these poor fellas they'd jump out of their skin...didn't realise how the shell-shock had affected them"

Discusses brother taken prisoner of war in Crete.