Themes for Questions - Jeannette Ward

Jeanette Ward



Birth date

Number of brothers and sisters

Parents occupations

Area of Hamilton lived in


a. Locality

rural or urban experience

relationship of suburb to city

centre of activity?


to town, school, church

on holiday

did your father own a car?


b. Homelife

Responsibilities to family

jobs around the home

meal times


what was considered a treat?

how did your mother cope with rationing during WWII?


home remedies or a doctor?

Importance of religion

how important was religion to other young people?

was church a good place to make friends?


very often?


Importance of extended family

How did the Depression effect your homelife?

How did World War Two effect your homelife?

any family members/friends overseas?


c. Education

Secondary school attended

subjects taken


friends made

activities or clubs sport, drama, music

Were school friends your social circle?

made up with church friends as well?




Effect the Depression had on education


d. Entertainment and Socialising

Amount of spare time

What sorts of things did you do in your spare time?

dances, music, movies, concerts, picnics

who did you go with?

Going to town on a Friday night

what sorts of things did you do?

was this an important social gathering for teenagers at the time?


where did you get your ideas?

how important was it to teenagers then?

Teenage idols; discussion among friends

Importance of radio to teenagers

Importance of film to teenagers

Reading; books, magazines, comics, newspapers

How much dating did you do?

parents attitude

Effect World War Two had on dating

American troops in Hamilton

Involvement in any voluntary organisation for the war effort


e. Employment

First job full/part time?

Work conditions


Clubs and sporting activities

Effect WWII had on employment

Employment at Pauls Book Arcade

how did you first come to work there?

what was so different about Paul's?


f. Awareness of Issues

Local events



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