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Employment / leaving school

Compulsory military training at Papakura for 18 year olds for 14 weeks. There was one guy in our hut who had not seen a train until he came to Papakura.

Went to work at Vauxhall factory in Bedfordshire, England for a year.

My first trip flying from Auckland to Sydney, took 7 hours. Travelling uncommon. Stayed at Boarding House in England with people from other countries. Food rationing still practised.

"Made myself a cheese sandwich one night and found out I'd eaten the entire cheese ration for that week"

Met an ethnic Greenwood, who had immigrated to New Zealand earlier, but went back to England. This man and his wife frequently had him to supper, which was bacon and eggs. It had to come out of their "ration".

Wrote to his Dad, encouraging employment in family firm. An issue to employ people at that time (1954) - they came back to New Zealand and stayed. Family firm started by an Uncle. Father left a "safer" job in the Post Office to join firm. Difficult decision to leave safe job at Post Office with a more questionable one in the new car industry. Brother still in Company. Found conditions difficult being part of the family in family firm.

New vehicles had no "extras", heaters etc. - had to be fitted by dealer. Imported vehicles restricted "New Zealand one of the few countries where there were more customers than cars". Accessories, and fitting them meant more income for dealers.

Because of shortage of new cars, people sometimes sold them the next day for considerably more than they paid.

Government intervention was a significant external influences. Couldn't sell after 5 on a Friday night. It was against the law to sell a car over the weekend, the whole industry, as with many industries of the 50's and 60's was very restrictive. Sales taxes changed often, immediately affected stock etc. Real Government control.

Hire purchase restrictions - 66% deposit, with a year to pay put limitations in itself.