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Describes going to Starlight Ballroom to dances then at 3.00am getting a Pavlovich bus to the Chateau and spending a whole day on the mountain. Used plastic bags instead of skis.

Coca cola was widely touted by parents to "rot your guts". Hamburgers and milkshakes. Recalls whizzing milkshakes everywhere.

Remembers working at a talent quest at Carlton Theatre for 6 weeks.

Realises that what young people say in the 1990's about having nothing to do in Hamilton was exactly what they said then too.

Railway picnic once a year to Mount Maunganui.

Doesn't think parents really realised what they got up to.

Bodgies and widgies - describes clothing, behaviour and media reports.

Neighbours had a TV. Then parents bought one. Thinks TV affected communication in her family and in general.