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Homelife during the Depression

During the Depression she had a friend who was an only child whose father was in

regular work, family was not short of money, she saw the things she got and the way

she lived, always felt envious of her and ashamed of her own situation. Her friend always had nice clothes, she had handed down clothes.

Always took healthy lunches to school, saw others who could buy a doughnut or

something special.

If a clown or juggler or musical item came to school she and her brothers and sisters

could not go, "To me it had been quite important that I could never go to them."

Father was out of work, worked on relief work; cleaning up river banks, worked on roads. Was a hard time for the family, even when he found work it was low wages,

"We didn't get any extras in those days"

Mother was a good manager, made sure her children were always clean and tidy.