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Wartime [cont]

Remembers American serviceman in Hamilton and impressions they made, `they used to drive their great big half-tracks around town and their jeeps, generally show off and impress us.' Didn't feel they really affected him. Reiterates feeling that the war was simply part of life because of their age. Remembers feeling of disappointment as a teenager that he was just too young to go into armed services. Tells story of registering at age eighteen for war service, `automatically on my birthday I went along to the Post Office to register and I can still remember being told, the war finished three days ago, didn't you know!' Tells how he made a particular study of the `machinery' of war.

Remembers V.E. day. Celebrations. Canoe club provided a float, dressing up.

Describes more of Japan during the occupation, describes Tokyo after incendiary bombing, ` square miles of nothing' and how anything that could be remotely connected with war was further destroyed. Remembers how utterly down the people were and describes fully his impression of the Japanese character - that it was obvious that they were a powerful force in the sense of their love for discipline and organisation.

Wasn't aware as a teenager of feeling towards the Japanese during the war, didn't think stories had come out then.