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Once he was working had lot of spare time, particularly in the summer. Describes involvement with Achilles canoe club, `loose association of about a dozen guys with home made canoes'. Recalls canoe races, putting on events in the annual regatta. Talks about regatta - rowing, canoeing, swimming. Remembers ` occasionally some clowns would jump off the bridge'. Mentions several interesting characters - George Palmer, for his speed boats, unusual at that time.'He used to roar up and down the river'. Also Jerry Wright-St Clair who aqua-planed before the days of water skiing. ` His antics impressed us greatly'.

Describes a holiday trip to Port Waikato, by canoe, camping.

Remembers dance halls, the Regent, Pearsons hall and Frankton town hall. Remembers they were well attended. Also went out to any `neighbouring village' for dances. Recalls that they were generally same kind of music, dances. Remembers American influence in some new dances.

Remembers buying song books, popular songs, used to sing, play guitar in groups. Doesn't remember listening to the radio a great deal.

Remembers five theatres in Hamilton, well attended, standing for Anthem. Remembers the cartoon before the main feature. Feels movies influenced young people greatly, recalls movies which influenced him.

Describes how important Friday night was to keep in touch with friends, ` as far as your Friday night parading was concerned it didn't extend really north of Ward St and the centre of it all was what was Pascoes corner...river side of Victoria street was very much more important then than it is now.'

Remembers Monte Carlo milk-bar and milk splits.