Themes for Questions - Dot Hildreth 31/05/95



Dot Hildreth





What was your date of birth?

Where were you born?

How many brothers and sisters were there in your family?

What was your father's occupation?

What was your mother's occupation?

What area of Hamilton did you live in?



a. Homelife


- What sorts of responsibilities did you have to your family?

- How important was religion to your life?

- How important were your extended family to you?

- What sorts of food and drink do you remember of the time?

- How were health problems dealt with in your family?

- Did your family go away on many holidays?

- How did World War Two effect your homelife?



b. Education


- What sorts of subjects did you take in Technical College?

- Did you take part in any activities within the Technical College?

(drama, sports, singing, clubs, etc)

- Did you make a lot of friends while attending Technical College?

- was this your social circle outside of Technical College?

- What were your ambitions while you were at Technical College?

- were these fulfilled?

- How did World War Two effect your education?


c. Entertainment and Socialising


- How much spare time did you have?

- What did you do with your spare time?

- dances, music, theatre, movies, concerts, picnics, recitals

- Who did you do your socialising with?

- Do you remember any fads, styles, or slang expressions of the time?

- Did you have any teen idols?

- How important was radio and film in those years?

- What sorts of things were you reading?

- Did you do much dating?

- parents attitude

- How did World War Two effect your social activities?


d. Employment


- What was your first job?

- How did World War Two effect your job?

- What kind of work conditions did you have?

- Did you have many workmates?

- Were you a part of any clubs or sporting activities outside work?



e. Awareness of Issues


- Do you recall any major local events at the time?

1938: H.D Caro Mayor of Hamilton

Waikato A&P `Royal' show

1939: NZ joins WWII

Garden Place removal

Ruakura established

1940: Savage died, Fraser PM

New Hamilton Post Office opens

1941: Pearl Harbour

Airfield at Rukahia opens

1942: Rationing begins

Huntly miners strike

1943: Battle of Manners Street

Furlough soldiers refuse to return to war

1944: Hilda Ross new deputy mayor of Hamilton

School leaving age raised to fifteen

- Who were some of the public figures of the time?

- How did politics effect young people at the time?

- Do you remember many racial conflicts during your youth?



f. Locality


- Was Maeroa considered to be rural or urban?

- Was Hamilton central considered to be the centre of Hamilton's activity?

- What means of transport did you and your family use to get around town?

- how did your father get to work?

- how did you travel when you went on holiday?





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